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Grow Your Business 30% to 40% in 30 Days with Automated Marketing Features.

Unlike most points based loyalty programs that may increase sales 5% to 10%, Webigo Rewards shows business owners how to issue instant cash back rewards which is simpler and proven to increase sales and profits upwards of 30% to 40% and triggers to encourage repeat business.


The Webigo Rewards Program for businesses is a totally new and unique loyalty and business-building platform that you can implement for your business with minimal effort and at a very low cost.

Webigo Rewards was created as a business partnership and is designed specifically to augment your sales, customer acquisition and retention activities. But unlike traditional marketing and advertising activities that require significant monthly expense. Webigo Rewards markets your business to our consumer base at minimal cost to you. Additionally, Webigo Rewards offers marketing solutions that you can launch with very minimal effort.





In this session you'll learn three important things, first we look at Cash Back and why it is the future for consumer marketing and I'll show you why discounting could be killing your business, why you should never discount your products and services and third I'll show you what you can do instead so you can still generate a huge spike in sales and create a lasting relationship with your customers.

Cashback Rewards Can Inspire True Customer Loyalty!

Every bank credit card, grocery store, casino, airline and tons of other brands use
this marketing gold mine and now you can too. We are talking “Cash Back
Rewards” but let me warn you they are all doing it wrong and in the video above we are going to show you how to provide a reward's program the right way.

All in all, featuring cashback offers as part of a loyalty program promises a much more enticing deal for customers when done properly.

A comprehensive loyalty program offers more ways to retain customers besides cashback, like tiers.

Webigo Rewards programs provide more opportunities for data collection and personalization.

Webigo Rewards offers a much more meaningful experience to customers beyond just cash back.

We recently surveyed 11,000 consumers accross the US and Canada about their shopping behavior, and 82% said they prioritize special promotions, incentives, rewards or cash back when choosing where they'll shop. That's a powerful loyalty stat.

Realizing returns like “cashback” drive sales significantly. Through cashback rewards brands derive more sales as compared to discounts and used properly can add far more value.