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Gift card and Cash Back Rewards on the Same Platform

The gift card and Cash Back Rewards application can be run on the same rewards platform.

Combining multiple applications on the same platform saves money while adding more convenience and features for consumers.


Businesses today have even more reason to love gift cards. Merchants all over North America use gift cards to raise awareness and grow their sales. Adding a Webigo Rewards gift card program to your marketing mix can further engage your customers and keep them coming back.

As online shopping and global e-commerce continue to reshape the retail industry, digital offerings have further propelled the popularity of gift card programs.

Among retailers who accepted digital payments, shopping frequency increased by 69% and spending amount grew by 54%.

No matter the size and scope of your business, a modern Webigo Rewards gift card program can be easy and affordable to implement.

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Gift card and Cash Back Rewards on the Same Platform

The Webigo Rewards Program features complete Gift Card capabilities with the added convenience and benefits of world class Rewards on the same platform. Our proprietary program allows merchants to receive payments in advance from customers like a gift card purchase guaranteeing a return visit without any advertising cost or reduction in pricing to drive spending.

Here are just a few ideas on why customers will be happy to give you money in advance:

  • A Pre-Paid 20% Bonus
    Load (or add) $20.00 in rewards when a customer purchases a $100.00 gift card account (for themselves or someone else). This strategy is a huge money maker for the business and yet offers a much higher return for the customer than simply leaving the money in the bank.
  • Free Meal or Item
    Offer a meal or service FREE when the customer loads a certain amount (such as $50.00) on (theirs or someone elses) Rewards account.

  • Frequency Visits
    Instead of selling a gift account with a monetary amount (ie $50.00) consider loading items of service such as 10 Entrees or 20 Car Washes. Customers can prepay in advance for a special incentive price to redeem at a later time.