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Grow Your Business 30% to 40% in 30 Days with Automated Marketing Features.

A business entity cannot become productive without the establishment of a quality customer database.

As sales increase in frequency, making the most of the traffic will be crucial for driving your business forward. Webigo focuses on building your customer database, you’ll be able to gain valuable insights about your customers to then leverage that information into sales decisions.


Virtually every other loyalty program solution in the market requires you to actually collect and input the data. We handle this tedious and time consuming process for you and treat your customers with personal attention. We have people on staff whose sole job is to assist YOUR members to activate and update their data if they are having difficulty.

Webigo and Webigo Rewards provides an innovative personalized business program and acceleration services for individuals, local business owners, employer groups and public programs. Thousands of businesses and individuals avail themselves of Webigo and its Business Development programs, a place where business owners and entrepreneurs can build and grow their business utilizing the proven Webigo Products and Services.





We collect your customer data so you don't have to be bothered.

  • Simply invite every customer to sign up online or on their mobile device and get an immediate pre-loaded ballance of ($5.00 or $10.00 for example) which they can redeem at a later time after activating their account.
  • Customers can activate their account online or from their mobile device. This means you don't have to spend waisted time collecting information and you and your staff can spend time providing the best customer experience that you can.
  • Your registration form can be customized to collect any data you want including: name, address, email, mobile number, birthday or aniversary, etc.. The form can even be co-branded to place on your web site.
  • A confirmation email is sent to your new members validating their email address and mobile phone. These are all double opt-in and your clients will be able to set up their preferences within a back office.
  • Upon activation, the customers profile will be automatically added to your secure database for ongoing communication, specials and more.

Membership Reports

  • As customers activate their accounts either online or on their mobile device their marketing profile will be added to your secure database.
  • After activation any rewards dollars preloaded on their account will become available for redemption.
  • By default, customers can use their account to earn rewards even if their account is not activated. However, activation is required before any rewards can be redeemed through the system to help aid your collection of customer data.
  • You can login and review your Membership Report anytime online in your password protected back office account. Your membership database continues to grow as we add more customers via cross marketing and promotions.