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Grow Your Business 30% to 40% in 30 Days with Automated Marketing Features.

A Complete Incentivized Affiliate Sales Network

Incentivized marketing can boost traffic to your business, grow your customer base at little to no cost.


Affiliate marketing has been around for longer than you think.

It didn't just start with the invention of the internet, although that is where it really started to gain ground and take off.

The patent for affiliate marketing as we know it today was granted to William J. Tobin in 1989. He set up the first affiliate marketing program ever for his company PC Flowers & Gifts.

Amazon was the first major company to widely use affiliate marketing as one of their marketing platforms. This became the model for other affiliate companies to base their programs on, and the growth of affiliate marketing continues even today.

Webigo has taken the concept to all new heights for business owners and consumers and is known as the Incentive Affiliate Network.

Webigo and Webigo Rewards provides an innovative personalized business program and acceleration services for individuals, local business owners, employer groups and public programs. Thousands of businesses and individuals avail themselves of Webigo and its Business Development programs, a place where business owners and entrepreneurs can build and grow their business utilizing the proven Webigo Products and Services.





The Incentivized Affiliate Sales Network

As a Webigo Incentive Affiliate, you have the opportunity to introduce businesses, nonprofits and individuals to the Rewards platform. When a business or nonprofit decides to purchase their own Rewards Platform, you will be helping them to create an incredible customer loyalty program. Every business is looking for ways to keep their customers coming back and at the same time, not spend a fortune doing it! Through the private labeled platform, the business or organization can create special coupons, offers and incentives just for their customers.

How about sending emails, birthday reminders, and special offers to their customer base anytime they want? You’ll be helping businesses and organizations create “top of mind” awareness for their customers, because it’s their business or organization bringing these values to them.